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Product Categories

Kitchen Equipment

304 grade stainless steel products required in every kitchen. Tables, shelves, refrigerators, gas ranges, steamers, ovens, water coolers, trolleys, display counters to name a few.

Imported Machines

Equipment ranging from ovens to coffee machines
Juicers, Ice cube machines, Vegetable slicers, drink dispensers, ice cream machines, frymasters, display fridges, mini fridges, bakery equipment to name a few.

Kitchen Utensils

Right from pots and pans, to rubber mats and wiping cloths. Everything you need to keep the food coming and both the customers, and the chef happy.


Options in Porcelain, Bone China, Stoneware, Handmade and customised coloured crockery.
Printing of Logos on the crockery products is provided too.


Be it tumblers for water, old fashioned glasses for whisky, stemmed glasses for those beautiful wines or mugs for that ice cold beer.
Options in locally produced glassware is also available for the more economical projects.

Hollow ware (Table Service)

Everything you need at the table to complete service.


Beautiful designs in cutlery in stainless steel, rose gold, copper and titanium black finishes.

Bar Equipment

Everything you need from the shakers to mixers.

Banquet Furniture & Equipment

For the massive parties involving hundreds and occasionally thousands of people.
Banquet tables and chairs with covers, chaffing dishes, risers, props, trolleys for live cooking.
Everything to make the wedding, conference, new years bash or just the lavish breakfast set up perfect.

Bed Linen

From bed sheets and pillows, to duvets and mattress protectors.
Even the mattresses themselves.
Everything you need to provide the perfect sleep for your guests.
Custom sizes, available in plain and striped fabrics.

Bath Linen

Towels for the face, hands, body and even poolside. Customised with your logo and available in colours as well.
Mill made 100% cotton.

Table Linen

Table covers, frills, both separate & inbuilt in the cover, napkins in a plethora of colours, runners and chair covers to add the final touches to your banquets.

Wood Works

Trays, Sachet holders, Cutlery stands, Condiment trays, Amenity holders, anything you can think of.
From Acacia bowls, to risers and stands and everything in between.

Acrylic Products

Break & stain resistant products made from Imported Shinkolite sheets.
From plates and serving bowls, to stands for chaffing dishes and shot glasses.

Melamine / Polycarbonate

Everything required to add to the service of food at the table.
From plates and bowls, to service bowls and gastronomic pans. Several colours, designs and textures available.


Guest Room Amenities

From soaps & shampoo, to shaving kits and room slippers.
Everything to make your guest feel more comfortable during their stay with your property.

Bakery Equipment

Everything you need to get those beautiful croissants just right. Dough sheeters, spindle mixers, ovens and proofers.
Moulds and cutters for breads, chocolates, pies, jellies, cookies, and anything the baker within comes up with.

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